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Complex trauma disrupts the deep ecology of the relationship between your mind, brain, body systems, cultural, social and intimate relationships, the natural world and your capacity to embody and act from your true and authentic self in a stable and sustainable way.

It’s a systems problem that needs a systems solution.

the REWIRE 4 LIFE model

for healing complex trauma provides a structured, integrative approach that supports you to rebuild the connection between safety in your environment and a felt body response to that.

The container is built from weaving connection between your inner and outer worlds, with the three primary levels of your brain and nervous system aligned and online, as you bring your awareness to rhythms of connection, seperation, connection.  Calm, activation, calm.  Coming forwards, freezing out, melting forward.  Containment, expression, open presence.

We amp up your capacity to utilise resources to directly alter nervous system regulation and the flow of your authentic self through your mind and body.

In the process, looping trauma imprints soften and evolve, making more neural space available for the meaningful connections, creativity and life vitality that you are seeking.


first principles

is the 12 week foundation course, commencing September 2019.

healing immersion

is the more comprehensive program designed to support enduring change. Commencing 2020.

REWIRE 4 LIFE: first principles

FIRST PRINCIPLES is the 12 week program that provides an introduction to the work and helps you develop the foundation skills needed to transform looping neural trauma circuits into free capacity for rich living.  

The processes and progress you make in each zone all enrich, support and amplify the healing power across zones.

Zone 1 – Building your healing container

Create & nurture a healing container strong and beautiful enough to hold you.

The stronger the container, the more fully you can surrender into feeling things long hidden.  In many ways, the container is the medicine.

building your healing container

Module 1

In this module you will be guided to build your most secure and nurturing healing container.

You will work through the 10 Key Principles for Building Your Healing Container:

  • stability & reliabiity
  • rhythm & routine
  • freedom to be yourself
  • attunement & acceptance
  • belonging, place & community
  • autonomy & self-determination
  • guidance & insight
  • rich environments
  • calm people & places
  • structure

You will review how each principle is working in your life now, strengthen and power up the way it can support you, take new action around it and observe and integrate the changes that bring to your physiology and nervous system activation.

You will have the opportunity to share your learning and process on each principle in the community space and support and encourage each other to weave new worlds and new ways.

Zone 2 – Safely into your body


Learn your nervous system intimately.  Open into your full ‘in the moment’ experience.

understanding & tracking nervous system activation

Module 3

The in the moment, felt experience of trauma is extreme nervous system dysregulation.  In order to be able to safely access and evolve these neural circuits that run these trauma defences, you need first to be able to observe and track your activation, to recognise when you find yourself in fight, flight, freeze or collapse and the physiology and drive that goes with each state.

You will look at how you utilise each form of threat defence and the ways they each serve you or sometimes work against you.

The act of tracking itself will help bring your observer self online with greater access to the downward regulation from your pre-frontal cortex.  It will also help you know when and how to bring needed meeting and medicine.

You will have a first look at the kinds of situations that trigger different threat defences for you.


practicing de-activation techniques

Module 4

This module guides you through practices to calm and settle your nervous system activation through your breath, through sensory awareness, through taking in kind contact and through utilising one of the resources from Module 1.

It includes 4 guided audio practices for your to relax into and follow along with.  You will be able to record your nervous system activation indicators before and after each practices to bring your awareness to the changes that are possible for you.

You will be invited to share your experiences in the community space and learn from what others are discovering as well.


circle of your connected now

Module 5

This, for me, is such a special space where you can begin or deepen your awareness of the 7 connected elements of your present moment experiencing:

  • Body & Energy
  • Emotion
  • Thought & Meaning
  • Image & Metaphor
  • Memory
  • Flow
  • Action

Trauma can fuse unhelpful elements together and can seperate you from meaningful and life enhancing aspects of your experience in the here and now.

The fusion & fragmentation block the flow of yoru authentic self.

In this module you begin to explore around the CIRCLE OF YOUR CONNECTED NOW.

You will have the opportunity to tap into,  explore and record each element of your connected now experience around something pleasant or neutral in tone and also around something mildly stressful.

We will debrief in terms of feeling more whole, connected, in touch with yourself, more accepting, more clarity and choice and greater flexibility to act.

Zone 3 – Learning hub


Understand the neuro-science of trauma and attachment.  It will help you love and accept yourself and guide your healing journey.

Your brain & nervous system

Module 2

In this module you learn about the three primary levels of your brain and nervous system and how ruptures to secure attachment during developmental years can impact the way brain functions at each level operate.

Learn what’s actually happening when triggers cause you to dissociate.

Also an introductory look at how your social engagement system and threat management systems are meant to work together and how trauma disrupts this.

When you know what’s happening you can have greater self acceptance and more ways to act to communicate effectively and support yourself.


secure attachment & your nervous system

Module 6

Learn how secure attachment creates an optimally functioning nervous system.  Explore the primary attachment styles and how trauma impacts the way you seek, form or avoid bonding and so your capacity for soothing stress through human connection and attunement.


Zone 4 – Processing hub


Join the dots.  Then start utilising the 4 Step Evolve process to evolve your implicit, body based trauma memories.

Your adult attachment style

Module 7

Here you will complete a checklist to explore your primary adult attachment style.  You can use it to understand the attachment style of your close friends, family and partner too.

When you understand how attachment insecurity operates in you, the ways you show up as anxious or avoidant, you can come more conscious of what is driving you and gently support yourself to move a little more towards the centre.


Trauma bonding and repetition compulsion

Module 8

Learn about the neurochemistry that creates and maintains trauma bonds.

Understand your unique vulnerability to becoming trauma bonded in unhealthy or dangerous relationships.

How to recognise when you’re in a trauma bond and how to get out of it.

A guided self acceptance process to support greater presence of self.


Build you trauma impacts map

Module 10

Here you map your trauma impacts and understand how they may have become a self-reinforcing system.

With self-compassion and knowledge about the neuroscience of trauma and attachment you will begin to form your coherent narrative about how trauma has impacted you and your life and how you have adapted to function.

This is the foundation for module x where we explore the integrated and authentic you.


4 step evolve process

Module 11

Alchemy for implicit body memories.

Understand what your brain is doing at each stage of the 4 Step Evolve process for healing implicit body memory – presence, association, regulation & integration.

Practice moving through the 4 steps, bringing forward a small amount of connected experiencing and body physiology that goes with a trauma impact and bringing something new to it to help regulate the activation and integrate that hurting aspect of you into the integrated whole of you.

Zone 5 – Integrated you in the world


Notice, embed and amplify your fresh, authentic, connected experience of Life!

The 10 pointed diamond of the Integrated You

Module 12

Explore around the 10 Pointed Diamond of the Integrated You.

As you shift, re-solve and integrate the contracted energy of trauma, it’s important to maximise your awareness and exposure of yourself and the world as a fresh, to consolidate and strengthen in your:

  • present moment awareness
  • sense of intenal, social and environmental connection
  • being on purpose
  • capacity for pleasure
  • awareness of your embodiment as your authentic self
  • creativity
  • being at choice
  • wisdom
  • capacity to use your body and energy for alchemy

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your course materials

  • 12 beautifully designed workbooks
  • guided audio practices
  • videos to lead you through each module
  • community space with guidance on what to share and how to support each other
  • two live Q&A sessions where I will listen to how you are travelling and answer questions you may have about the course process

Each weekly module is sent to you in a beautiful, easy to experience learning page.

The community space creates the field that multiplies your learning and supports you through each stage.

Get the information, structure and guided processes and community support you need to rewire traumatic impacts and open safely into life.

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