heal trauma, free your soul

Deborah Jackson

Psychologist, Coach & Trauma Therapist

Trauma can block the flow of your authentic self.

Find how to free it.

rewire 4 life foundations masterclass

An 8 session educational Masterclass on understanding and healing trauma’s impact.

Soul Mission Landed

Coaching program to access your authentic expression and discover the shape your soul mission / ‘life purpose’ wants to take right now.

therapist nurture lab & trauma training

A 6 month program to bring through the natural healer in you, trauma informed and structured to work for you and your clients.


your authentic self is needed

it lives through your body

Did your nervous system have to contract and fragment to protect you long term?  Let's bring through now that authentic self it was saving.

get your soul mission landed book chapter & meditation

It's time to free your soul.

Complete your Complex PTSD Checklist


Have you been exposed to interactions your nervous system found traumatic, especially when you were young?

Learn about the 6 dimensions of trauma impact and how you may be affected.

50 page guide book and 4 video series to nurture you through the process.

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