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most people who are trauma impacted, don't know it.

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Find out if the hard stuff in your life now relates to nervous system adaptations from back then ..

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Complex PTSD can shut you down

Most people impacted by trauma, especially Complex PTSD, don't know it. You need to understand how your early life environment impacted your nervous system and from there your whole life. I understand the territory as a clinician and as a person who has lived inside of both the trauma and the connected wholeness. I can help you.

They blame themselves when repeated efforts at life, healing and personal growth don't work or don't sustain.  Or maybe double up on adaptive strategies that were needed earlier in life, like 'pushing through' or staying separate from others and even your own true feelings, needs and desires.

Complex PTSD impacts the brain and body through the nervous system, at a time the nervous system was growing itself. Find out how your current life challenges may relate to unconscious adaptations necessary in your nervous system way back then.

Find out how to open safely to the flow of your authentic self ->

Trauma bonding

Book Intro: ‘The Betrayal Bond: Breaking Free of Exploitative Relationships’

"Betrayal bonds" or more recently understood and referred to as "trauma bonds" are relationships we find ourselves intensely bound inside of, even when overall they are destructive to our self esteem and healthy functioning. They get created through a unique chemical...

Was it trauma?

Was it trauma? ‘I don’t know if what happened to me was actually trauma’ ‘Mostly my childhood was pretty normal .. Dad just drank a bit (or Mum was always with the put-downs) ..’ ‘All that was a long time ago, I’m past all that, I’ve got a good job and a partner who...
Freedom from within

Creating the best environment to support the intelligent energy in you that knows how to heal

There is an intelligent energy that moves in all of us that knows what’s needed for our healing and growth. Call it wisdom or vital energy or life force or whatever fits for you. You need to: A. Recognise when and how it shows up for you and B. Create the right...

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