Soul Mission Landed meditation


Those words have been calling hard on me the last few months.

Couldn’t ignore them. Had to open into them.

Those who know me for my work in psychology, may not know a lot about my background in practices of soul work, spirituality, energy healing and consciousness.


I studied for 4 years at the Chiara College of Light, understanding the subtle energetic pathways that run through all of us and connect us with the larger whole we belong to.


I studied for 4 years at Nature Care College in Sydney, learning somatic, felt sense ways to approach our body’s knowledge and wisdom and the stories, feelings and needs it wants to share.

And that stood me in such amazing stead for my work as a Psychologist.


At one stage I saw clients at home, on a massage table, doing very subtle and powerful ‘psychic surgery’ type energy healing, before deciding to work a different way and hold space for people to tap in and feel and find their own truth.


I remember being very attuned in class and elsewhere to people’s soul journey, to sensing what they are here for, what gifts they bring, what stands in their way, what needs to ease or come next.

In my own life I discovered that all the years, days and hours of meditation, the natural rising of Kundalini and all that journey brought with it, long before it was an everyday word (there were only 3 listing for it in the fledgling internet at the time) .. none of that was the whole answer for me and for a while I didn’t know why.

Why did I still break down in such a crashing way under certain relationship dynamics or certain life experiences, when I had all the wisdom and insight needed around them, all the compassion and acceptance, all the boundaries and self-care.


It was my deep dive into learning about trauma and the nervous system, that joined everything up for me and brought great power to how I was able to support myself and my clients.


Today, I see that my soul work exists at the intersection of trauma and our soul’s alchemy.

After so many years of holding everyone through their deepest, darkest terrors and traumas, I can no longer do the long term ‘reparenting’ work that is often needed with trauma healing (although I offer training for therapists on how to do this).

What I can offer is a very powerful lens into your soul journey and embodied human experience in this life.

I can listen with you well to what’s happening, what wants to happen and what’s needed for your next expression in soul growth, life, care and sharing.

Details of my ‘Soul Mission Landed’ coaching program are coming up – hit me up if you’d like to know more.

💎💎💎 🎧🪷📙

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Your needs are valid

Your needs are valid


Your needs are valid.


If you have been impacted by developmental trauma, there are certain core needs for safety and validation of your emerging self that simply went unmet. And they didn’t go anywhere. Your personality and ways of functioning in the world had to develop around them – perhaps over compensate in some way, or pull back and try not to have the needs or put down having needs at all.

These developmental needs might drive behaviours in yourself you don’t like, as you try to live in the world without these needs having been met. Your nervous system and self-identity are ‘incomplete’ and in a constant state of:

  • Ignoring the need
  • Trying to be bigger than the need
  • Overcompensating
  • Trying to numb out from the feeling of the need being unmet
  • Coming from a ‘push’ or control energy to try to get the need met
  • Focussing too much on meeting the needs of others over your own, because somehow that’s easier to do

The longer you use these strategies, particularly when you’re using them unconsciously, two things will happen:

  • You will start to feel more hopeless or despairing, because the strategies don’t really solve the problem of the unmet developmental needs
  • The strategies themselves will start to cause problems:
    • people may find you ‘clingy’ or ‘needy’ and not want to be around you,
    • people might find you pushy or controlling or needing to have the last word and not want to be vulnerable around you
    • people might see you as ‘super-human’ and feel like they can’t get close to you
    • the stuff you do to numb out becomes a problem habit or an addiction (drink, drugs, spending money, over exercising, controlling eating or over eating, over working, disconnecting from people)
    • you become exhausted from the never-ending pit of other people’s problems and don’t learn to recognise and more effectively meet your own needs or invite meeting of them by another

See if you can slow down a moment and notice what your needs are right now.  Validate them for yourself – ‘it’s normal and human that I would want or need that’.  See if you can kindly acknowledge and validate to yourself what you genuinely need right now – go down through the layers. 

Whether this need is being well met now or not, whether you can see a pathway for it to be met or not.


Slow down a moment, take a breath, make contact with your body in some way and allow this need.  Make kind, validating contact with it.  And perhaps for all the patience and twists and turns and silent agonies your life has taken while this need has not been met,

Acknowledge and love on the need.

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Our need for contact

Our need for contact


It’s starts when we are young and the contact and care are chaotic or disrupted or unpredictable or just not there. Maybe abuse is there instead or as well as love.

It goes underground.  On the outside a part of us functions and copes. Another whole world inside is hidden, cut off, numbed out. We lose touch with our body, our sense of self and purpose and basic goodness. Body systems go haywire and can’t harmonise. The adaptations start to cause problems – in our immune, digestive, endocrine, musculoskeletal systems. Our stress response has two modes – “I burnt the coffee, were all gonna die high alert” or ” I burnt the coffee, there is no hope and nothing more but to shut back down.

The internal flow, awareness and connection that supports good things in our life, struggles and collapses when we need it most.

Life gets hard, but we don’t know why. We are good at coping.  But life gets harder and coping gets more critical. It affect our relationships, health, finances, social support. More adapting and coping because we are resilient people. A growing sense that it didn’t or doesn’t need to be this way.

Living becomes an isolated existence, isolated from fragments of our selves, from caring others, from our body and sensuality, from the realisation of the rich full potential of who we are.

Loss of critical contact is how is starts.  Bringing back in the critical contact is how it heals. Contact with your body to start, to make it safe and bring it online.  Then contact with lost fragments, broken dreams and carefully power packs of purpose and mission in life. Contact with how frangipanis smell and how the energy in your body moves.

Contact with your deepest truest self and what it wants so desperately to experience and achieve in the world. Contact with the awareness within you that you are one with, connected to and breathing in harmony.

It states with broken contact.

It ends with contact. Deep, pure, playful, purposeful, both freeing and fulfilling your soul.

Contact.  Knowing somewhere is there, that they get you and have your back. They are your middle of the night person.

Contact.  Feeling your occupation of your own body.

Contact. With your whole self and all your parts and the soul expression that drives them.

Contact. True contact and sense of acceptance, care and validation from the world out there.


This isn’t for everyone. This is for those of you who have fought and struggled and fallen and fought again. You may have tried a bunch of things, a string of doctors and therapists and spiritual practices. Or maybe you held it all in and pushed through, but your health is showing the signs of that and a part of you so deep inside knows it can be different, longs for a life that is more “yours”.

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Crayons, drums and layers

Crayons, drums and layers

Healing trauma is a lot about working with the body’s natural rhythms, creating an environment of warm attunement, where safety is felt and a kind of natural alchemy can happen between body based trauma memory and more resourceful states.

It can be helpful to use tools and processes that directly access non-verbal brain domains and felt sense present moment experiencing.

Coloured crayons ???? on a blank page can help ground and strengthen an internal shift.

A drum ???? beat or the movement of banging it can regulate heart rhythm and bring a sense of safety and containment.

Therapy can be a very beautiful multi-layered experience of freeing, grounding and expressing your true self. ☀️☀️

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Just move your little toe – starting slow to come into your body

Just move your little toe – starting slow to come into your body

The other day I was lying in bed on a weekend morning.  I was feeling flat and low and aware I was falling into that awful in between zone of not awake and not asleep where weird dreams can happen and reality can feel a bit warpy.  There were some good reasons why I was shattered tired and not refreshed from the sleep.

So I started to wiggle one toe.  In moving one toe I could feel the ripple effect through the muscles and tendons in my foot.  I could feel life coming into my body.  My breath changed itself, went deeper and more open.  That felt great, so I noticed that and kept my awareness with it, then my whole torso started feeling nourished by these breaths.  Then I noticed my spine start to arch and stretch and curve itself, while I was still lying down, more of my body was coming online.

Clenching and releasing the whole row of toes now.  Stronger breath inwards, more confident breath, more grounded, more ready for the day.  More stretching of arms and legs and torso.  I decided to focus on just the choice to stand up and put clothes on and everything else could figure itself out from there.

Rather than lie on the couch or bed, stuck, flat and zoned out or exhausted, make one tiny little movement – a finger or toe, a conscious blink of the eye.  Let your awareness stay with that tiny movement in the present movement and see what happens next.  Notice how that movement shows up as sensation and how both affect your breath or your position where you are sitting or lying.

See if you can start a slow cascade into your moment!

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Articles, videos and resources for healing complex and relational trauma.