Soul Mission Landed meditation


Those words have been calling hard on me the last few months.

Couldn’t ignore them. Had to open into them.

Those who know me for my work in psychology, may not know a lot about my background in practices of soul work, spirituality, energy healing and consciousness.


I studied for 4 years at the Chiara College of Light, understanding the subtle energetic pathways that run through all of us and connect us with the larger whole we belong to.


I studied for 4 years at Nature Care College in Sydney, learning somatic, felt sense ways to approach our body’s knowledge and wisdom and the stories, feelings and needs it wants to share.

And that stood me in such amazing stead for my work as a Psychologist.


At one stage I saw clients at home, on a massage table, doing very subtle and powerful ‘psychic surgery’ type energy healing, before deciding to work a different way and hold space for people to tap in and feel and find their own truth.


I remember being very attuned in class and elsewhere to people’s soul journey, to sensing what they are here for, what gifts they bring, what stands in their way, what needs to ease or come next.

In my own life I discovered that all the years, days and hours of meditation, the natural rising of Kundalini and all that journey brought with it, long before it was an everyday word (there were only 3 listing for it in the fledgling internet at the time) .. none of that was the whole answer for me and for a while I didn’t know why.

Why did I still break down in such a crashing way under certain relationship dynamics or certain life experiences, when I had all the wisdom and insight needed around them, all the compassion and acceptance, all the boundaries and self-care.


It was my deep dive into learning about trauma and the nervous system, that joined everything up for me and brought great power to how I was able to support myself and my clients.


Today, I see that my soul work exists at the intersection of trauma and our soul’s alchemy.

After so many years of holding everyone through their deepest, darkest terrors and traumas, I can no longer do the long term ‘reparenting’ work that is often needed with trauma healing (although I offer training for therapists on how to do this).

What I can offer is a very powerful lens into your soul journey and embodied human experience in this life.

I can listen with you well to what’s happening, what wants to happen and what’s needed for your next expression in soul growth, life, care and sharing.

Details of my ‘Soul Mission Landed’ coaching program are coming up – hit me up if you’d like to know more.

💎💎💎 🎧🪷📙

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Crayons, drums and layers

Crayons, drums and layers

Healing trauma is a lot about working with the body’s natural rhythms, creating an environment of warm attunement, where safety is felt and a kind of natural alchemy can happen between body based trauma memory and more resourceful states.

It can be helpful to use tools and processes that directly access non-verbal brain domains and felt sense present moment experiencing.

Coloured crayons ???? on a blank page can help ground and strengthen an internal shift.

A drum ???? beat or the movement of banging it can regulate heart rhythm and bring a sense of safety and containment.

Therapy can be a very beautiful multi-layered experience of freeing, grounding and expressing your true self. ☀️☀️

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