The other day I was lying in bed on a weekend morning.  I was feeling flat and low and aware I was falling into that awful in between zone of not awake and not asleep where weird dreams can happen and reality can feel a bit warpy.  There were some good reasons why I was shattered tired and not refreshed from the sleep.

So I started to wiggle one toe.  In moving one toe I could feel the ripple effect through the muscles and tendons in my foot.  I could feel life coming into my body.  My breath changed itself, went deeper and more open.  That felt great, so I noticed that and kept my awareness with it, then my whole torso started feeling nourished by these breaths.  Then I noticed my spine start to arch and stretch and curve itself, while I was still lying down, more of my body was coming online.

Clenching and releasing the whole row of toes now.  Stronger breath inwards, more confident breath, more grounded, more ready for the day.  More stretching of arms and legs and torso.  I decided to focus on just the choice to stand up and put clothes on and everything else could figure itself out from there.

Rather than lie on the couch or bed, stuck, flat and zoned out or exhausted, make one tiny little movement – a finger or toe, a conscious blink of the eye.  Let your awareness stay with that tiny movement in the present movement and see what happens next.  Notice how that movement shows up as sensation and how both affect your breath or your position where you are sitting or lying.

See if you can start a slow cascade into your moment!

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