You’re strong because you’ve had to be. Life hasn’t worked out the way you expected. It’s hard.

You wonder about the parallel you and life you could have had.

You’ve learned a lot. Books and workshops and all kinds of therapy, because you know you are more than your current circumstances.

There’s a dream in there, dusty as it may be.

You may feel desperate at time, or stuff it down at others.

Let me help you join the dots, follow the trail, the misty haze from early life, that you thought you had left behind long ago.

To see how adverse childhood experiences saw your brain adapt, your nervous system work harder, your mind swing from pushing through to breaking down.

Again and again.

Let me help you soften and open enough for the authentic you to rise up and fill the space.

Let me help you to breathe freely and create your life, moment to moment, from this wise and alive place inside you.

That is also awake and intelligent and flowing in the world around you.

It all is you.

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