Complex traumatic impacts got created in the first place because your environment (primarily the core people in your life, and also the physical and cultural environment) was unsafe, unpredictable, lacked genuine connection, nurture or support for your autonomy.

Healing trauma requires that you create and nurture a container for your own healing in your adult life that provides the safe connection and kind seeing needed for implicit (body based) trauma memories to experience something new and evolve.

Sometimes this can come from people and the quality of our connection with them.  It can also come from nature, animals, music, activities, movement, your creativity, your connection with the earth and your spiritual life (whatever that means for you).

Knowing and consistently applying certain key principles will help you build the strongest and most nourishing healing container for you.  In many respects, the container is the medicine.

AND the more secure and supportive your healing container, the more you can allow fragments of felt trauma memory forward to be met, healed and evolved.

This is where you replicate, tiny piece by tiny piece, the environmental attunement, support and autonomy that was needed while your nervous system was growing itself.

Your inner and outer worlds are very much connected.  This is how your original environment created the nervous system you are working with today.

Optimising your environment is central to healing trauma’s impact … and as you continue to heal, your outer world experience can come into alignment with that.

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